Andrea Familari


“Untitled”  is a sound based video installation by Andrea Familari. In his research, it represents  the natural evolution  from a live perspective to a more contemplative  point of view , carrying the fleeting moment of creation into a deeper analysis of what has been created.

Driven by an original audio track composed by Andrea Taeggi, Familari has portrayed and analysed the geometry provided by the natural structure of the leaves translating them into circles and spheres in order to express the complexity of the plant’s growing process.

“Untitled” is a seed that discloses, sprouts and blooms in front of our eyes.

On planet Earth, flowers has been here since the very beginning of times. Blooming has always boost- ed life and beauty: thousand of colours in billions of kind, everyone with the unique goal to attract someone or something that could help them to close in itself and create something else.
“Untitled” tries to describe this kind of magic and more: the birth of a seed, a journey through its life, its transformation into flower, its attractive blooming and the metamorphosis back to reborn as seed, again and again. A never ending loop creating and reshuffling linear forms and holy colours, spheres mutating in an hypnotic vortex made by petals, that magnetize and show all their story and world. Our World. 

[words by Federica Patti]

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