Andrea Familari

Italian artist, born in 1987, lives and works in Berlin, Germany.
He investigates mostly the perception of audio, the way to represent it and to describe the feeling with geometrical structures. His works are focused on the data analysis of the sound to generate distorted landscape, surreal forms and abstract scenery of decomposition of micro/macro cosmos. His projects encompass from performance, interactive installation, photography and geometry.



Roma Europa Festival 2018, IT – A/V Impro.with Demetrio Castellucci
Spektrum, Berlin, DE – A/V Impro.with Davide Luciani,Samuel Rohrer, G. Di Giandomenico
MainOFF Festival 2017, Sala Perriera, Palermo, IT -A/V Live
Teatro Lux, Pisa, IT – Visualization of Elena Salibra’s poems
Spektrum, Berlin, DE – A/V Impro.with Andreas Miranda
Adiacenze Gallery, Bologna, IT – A/V Impro. with A.Taeggi
Theatre San Leonardo, Bologna, IT – A/V Impro. with V.Maiolo
University Of Oslo, Oslo, NO – Interactive Installation 
Muziekgebouw, Amsterdam, NL – A/V Live
Ombre Lunghe Festival 2016, Ex Ospedale dei Bastardini – A/V Live
Spektrum, Berlin, DE – A/V Impro.with Ina Inoki
Robot Festival 08, Palazzo Re Enzo Bologna, IT – A/V Live
Krake Festival 2015, Urban Spree, Berlin, DE – Visual Impro. Mapping
Flussi 2015, Teatro Gesualdo, Avellino, IT – A/V Live
Mira Festival 2014, Fabra I Coats, Barcelona, ES – Visual Impro.
FORUM Przestrzenie, Krakow, PL – A/V Live
Berlin Atonal 2013, Kraftwerk, Berlin,DE – A/V Live
Mapping Festival 2013, Le Zoo, Geneve, CH – Visual Impro.


Solo Exibhition, NESXT, Independent Art Festival, Spazio Ferramenta, Turin, Italy 
Solo Exibhition, Adiacenze Galeery, Bologna, Italy 
Glasswall, Flux-Us Exhibition, Cubo Unipol, Bologna, Italy 
39000 light straws, Galleria d’Arte Tornabuoni, Florence 
39000 light straws, Galleria d’Arte Moderna “Raccolta Lercaro”, Bologna (IT) 
39000 light straws, @Ninapì – Nesting Art Gallery, Ravenna (IT) 


FILE 2018, Centro Cultural Fiesp, Sao Paulo, Brasil
Auditorium of Conservatorio Morlacchi Di Perugia, Italy
CSW Łaźnia Centre for Contemporary Art in Gdańsk, Poland
MA/IN 2017, Fondazione Sassi Matera, Italy 
ADAF 2017, Athens, Grece
Blooming Festival, Pergola, Italy

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