Andrea Familari


“Notes # 1” is the first​ ​step of an ongoing​ ​project that explores different timbres and sounds in the large instruments’ world: a series of minimal visual representations created in order to describe​ ​the​ ​translation of a different acoustic instrument.

The stand up piano​ ​has been​ ​chosen​ ​for “Notes # 1,” with music composed and performed by the Scottish pianist Glacis. His notes are analysed by a software and divided into three categories. These three layers are represented​ ​by​ ​three main colors of the RGB video creation (Red, Green, Blue) and then translated into video images that recall the cellular composition of organic tissues. “Notes # 1” can be viewed as a materialised piece as well as a continuous flow of creation and dynamic evolution, an endless rotation around a horizontal axis.

“Notes # 1” is an interactive installation: only the presence of the viewer may activate the flow.

[words by Federica Patti]

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