Andrea Familari


an AV interactive installation feat. Francesca Pasquali and Carlotta Piccinini

Curated by Angela Memola and Pasqual Jordan

For FLUX-US exhibition at CUBO, Baumeister artworks will dialogue with GLASSWALL, an AV interactive installation formed by 150.000 plastic glasses of different sizes and densities, born as a reflection on the transformation and the potential of material by Francesca Pasquali, in collaboration with Carlotta Piccinini and Andrea Familari – with the sound contribution by Luigi Mastandrea and Bernardo Lo Sterzo.
GLASSWALL is a fall of materials taking energies and changing shapes, colors and sounds thanks to the public interaction; these different creative elements have thus transform a sculpture into an art experience, trying to demonstrate the power of the re-cycle of materials and the importance of the relation between artwork and public, like a message of love and hope for the future.
[words by Federica Patti]


FLUX-US – “A far from lost artistic heritage”
with Mary Bauermeister, Francesca Pasquali and *fuse
CUBO_ Centro Unipol, Bologna (IT)
January 28 – April 16 2016

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