Andrea Familari

Ø - a visual improvisation

Andrea Familari designed an audio reactive patch “Ø” allowing him to generate visual shape and colour variations in direct interaction with sound. The digital video program is inspired by jazz [improvisation] composition methods, combining arranged and improvised structures. With interactive video technology, the artist created a system that analyses the audio frequencies and transforms them into visual variations.

The interaction between sound and visual information generate a unique and mesmerising experience, immersing the audience in an audio-visual generative landscape. The performance is in constant struc- tural mutation. Every show is a unique experience, composed with a different musician. The process of the projected image is similar to a living organism reacting to its environment and modifying itself accord- ingly.

The video composition uses three dimensional shapes and geometrical structures that are deformed and modified in real-time. The abstract system operates with a series of mutations, the shapes are distorted and deformed, decomposed and recombined inside a hypnotic visual colour field. Immersed in this gen- erative moving architecture, Fax controls his visual system with animated variations, modifying the shade and the motion, transforming them into a sensory and optical experience.

The minimal aesthetic of the generative visuals burst into a constellation of colour-full shapes interacting with the score of the musicians. The main concept behind the visual system is to create a synthesis be- tween projection and music in combination with different music styles from classical to jazz to electronic music. Every performance is a unique audio-visual experience, that immerses the viewer in a digital inter- active electronic abstraction.

This software is a result of years of visual research and experimentation, starting in 2014 with a live inter- active projection system. He performed this project in various festivals in Europe such as the Mira, Krake, Electron, Flussi. Since 2017 he performed in several visual concerts in Berlin together with Andreas Miranda (playing the sitar), Giovanni Di Giandomenico (electronics and viola’s sampler) and Marco Berardi (egyptian rababa).

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