Platonick Dive

“Silence against Noise”, that’s Platonick Dive musical definition, between ambient digression, geometric constructions and feedback explosions. Passionate about electro- nic music, delays, loops and fiords. Intelligence Dance Music, sound experiments, dubstep echoes and dreaming guitars.

“Overflow” is the upcoming album from Platonick Dive, scheduled for early 2015.
It’s their second step of a new, platonic therapy.
They say this album is more rhytmic and more electronic, one where you’ll never rest, wheater you’re playing or listening. “We are in a continuous artistic movement, because the most dangerous thing you can do is to stay still”.
In this new album the electronic influence is more robust, and more intertwined with the instrumentals parts. Contrary from the previous work (debut LP “Therapeutic Portrait”, January 2013), the songs are shorter, faster, more direct with large use of voices and loop voices. Guitar’s riffs and synth that mixes together, reverbering sounds, analog loops always in front, and the drum, as always, that’s the main pillar of everything. There’s a lot of movement in this latest work, a soundtrack for a slow abstract dance.