Honzo is a shameless sound with no rules and fear present in the mind of the techno producer D. Carbone. The project was born, said the artist himself, in a paranoid journey in the middle of a bipolar disorder. Strongly characterized by an hypnotic industrial sound and at the same time with his constant research He can give to the listener new musical perspectives. Developed in a deep way toward something that could be lasting, something that arouses intense emotions such as fear and anger, joy and sadness, disgust and acceptance. Primary emotions that are common for all Humans and Cultures. Everything lies between two poles, to experience happyness we have to taste sadness, otherwise it is not true emotion. Dramatically chasing freedom in this monotonous life with Honzo’s music.

This feeling is described by Fax with an aseptic and distorted imaginary, a continues abstract flow without any real thing. An immersive backdrop, ideated in order to get lost into a landscape of colors out of any control, that describes this conflicting and almost dramatic dimension coming out from Honzo’s music.


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