Dadub & FAX – Hypersynchronous

Official Videoclip for “Alien to Wholeness”, first single realease from “Hypersynchronous”, Dadub’s studio album on Ohm Resistance.
Premiered by Fact Magazine.

Dadub & FAX improvise the apocalypse with Hypersynchronous

Daniele Antezza and Marco Donnarumma link up with Andrea Familari, aka FAX, for a new audiovisual collaboration.

Hypersynchron, the second album from Italian bass wizards Dadub, takes as its inspiration post-apocalyptic scenarios that seem closer than ever. Daniele Antezza and Marco Donnarumma craft cavernous soundscapes out of seismic low-end, radioactive dub sampling and sci-fi sound design, gesturing towards any number of uncertain futures.

“Hypersynchron was entirely recorded during live improvisation sessions”, explains label Ohm Resistance, “where Dadub created music by feeding alien sounds from machines and traditional instruments to their signature hardware feedback system, for hours on end.”

“The quantum agency and dub spirit of the system – engineered and designed across several years by paying respect to the tradition of dubbing – served the duo well in bringing together extremely high-resolution sounds with chest-opening bass outrage.” ”

Format: Full HD, Sound 2.1, Color
Year: 2020